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Introduction to Trivial Trivia

Welcome, my friends, to the new and much improved Trivial Trivia!

I hope you all enjoy the wonderful content that we have coming down the line. We got the first two months of videos and podcasts all set. You all are in for a real treat. We will be releasing an episode every other Monday at 10:00 AM. Each episode will consist of a main topic, a crazy Florida man story, and a strange phobia. The first five episodes are: From Sliced Bread to the Electric Car; Stupid Wars; Horoscopes, Really?; Jeffrey Dahmer; and The Mandela Effect. I am really excited to bring all these exciting new episodes along with my trivial co-hosts Nate and Joe. I am only joking. Nate and Joe are great, and this show would not be what it is without them.

If you like our show, please consider contributing to keep this going, fund future development, and help us pay back our investors and those who made this show possible. If you would like to make a monthly contribution, please head over to out Patreon Page. If, however, you would simply like to make a one-time donation, please head over to out GoFundMe Page. All your support is greatly appreciated.

Now remember folks, I am going to need you to like, subscribe, share, and do not forget to comment. Let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you, and if you have a suggestion, it might even make it into the show.

You can reach us at or submit a submission form at the bottom of the Home page or on the Contact Us page. Also, you can contact us or the Trivial Trivia community through our Forum page.

Welcome to the Trivial Family!

Yours forever truly,

Mr. Trivial

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