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Who the heck are we?

I have always been an interesting character. I have always had a passion for trivia, science, and history. For a while, whenever a friend of mine would tell a joke that was historically, scientifically, or logically inaccurate, I would explain how the joke was not that funny because of inaccuracies. I have eased up some, and I would like to say that I am not as nearly annoying now. But this annoying drive for learning about history and science (and just trivia in general) is what led me to the creating the original Trivial Trivia. I created Trivial Trivia as a way to give the world a view into my mind. A way to give the world more knowledge and useless information.

So …

I started out with a small website in January of 2020. I published an article or two before creating a new website in March of 2020. I ran that for several months before adding a podcast. I cranked out around six articles and episodes, but I got burnt out because I did not have the resources or the help that I needed to keep it running. Unfortunately, it lapsed for about a year and a half. Then back in September, Nate (one of my co-hosts) came to me with the idea that we, along with Joe (co-host), should relaunch Trivial Trivia. Nate suggested we make it bigger and better than ever. That is what I always wanted since Trivial Trivia’s creation three years ago, so that is exactly what we did.

We relaunched this great endeavor to fill the world with weirder and more interesting trivia, some might even call it “trivial trivia”. We shall put out a YouTube video and a podcast episode (wherever podcasts are listened to) every other Monday. Then, we will sporadically put out an article (on our website), social media post, or even a YouTube short for your enjoyment. I hope you all enjoy this because I know I will.

From the whole team at Trivial Trivia, I would like to personally welcome you to this Trivial Family.


Mr. Trivial (Ben Mechling)


If you like what you see and would like to leave a comment, leave a ransom note, or have a suggestion, email me at


Our Mission Statement:

Here at Trivial Trivia, we strive to inform the world of all things weird and trivial.

We promise to promote the strange truths that surround us in our world and the worlds beyond.

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